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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs

This type of roof produces a long-lasting and relatively low-maintenance solution for both residential and commercial applications.  While the initial cost is higher than for shingle roofs, the very long lifespan of metal can more than make up for it.

Metal Roofs can be of several varieties of materials and are primarily known for their long life – up to 60 years.  They provide outstanding performance with the ability to withstand even severe weather.  That means considerable savings over repair or replacement of other roof types which are not as hardy.

Standard Metal Roofs are made from panels and/or sheets and have straight lines

Architectural Metal Roofs are more artistic and are usually used for high-visibility roofs that are steep or meant to be attractive to viewers

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There are 5 basic types of metal roof materials:
  • Copper - Extremely long-lasting, very pliable and easy to solder together
  • Aluminum - Long-lasting, resistant to corrosion even from salt
  • Zinc - Extremely long-lasting, resistant to corrosion steel that has been treated with a zinc coating
  • Steel - Three variations:
    • Galvanized – Steel with a 100% zinc coating for rust prevention
    • Galvalume - is a coating of zinc, aluminum and silicon used to protect steel from rust, more durable than galvanized steel and also looks better over time
    • Weathering steel (usually Cor-ten brand) – is a steel alloy developed to eliminate the need for paint that forms a stable rusty looking exterior after a few years of weathering
  • “Tin” - Widely used before World War II but not currently common, although the name is used generically for steel or other roofs

“Tin” roofing is rolled steel, coated with tin, bonded permanently during manufacturing for increased durability and resistance to cracking or rusting 

This type of roofing must be installed by experienced workers because of the skill required to fabricate, join, and fasten the various panels properly to avoid leaks.  Altex is proud of its history in metal roof installation and repair.  We know how to install and repair metal roofs for long-lasting service.

In addition to being rugged metal roofs are also attractive with basic good looks.  Some types even come in a wide array of colors, with matching installation screws, that will work well with siding material, including brick or even stone.  Variations in the thickness and/o size of panels are also offered.

Copper Roofs

Copper is one of the oldest roofing materials and is considered by many to be the best possible product for metal roofs,   Copper has been used as a roofing material for centuries for looks, resistance to basic weather and its soft easy-to-work consistency.

Altex has significant experience of craftsmanship experience on copper roofing projects.  Your new copper roof will be treated with the dedicated care it deserves.  Yes, copper is hard to use and requires expertise to be installed properly, but we have the knowledge and experience to get it done right.

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Aluminium Roofs

Aluminum Metal Roofs are very durable and stand up well to weathering. They are even recommended for use in coastal climates. Aluminum provides superior resistance to negative weathering effects, even salt corrosion compared, especially in comparison to other types of metal roofs.

Steel Roofs

Steel is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial roofing projects. It is the hardest metal option and can be used in most weather environments, including areas prone to hail and high winds. It is also extremely strong and does well against conditions like snow.

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Zinc Roofs

Zinc metal roofs have a built-in advantage. As the roof oxidizes, its patina protects the core material and even obscures any scratches over time, so it has a long service life. It also can be easily formed and manipulated into any number of shapes.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel comes with a 100% zinc coating for rust prevention is the most common form of metal roof. Using a layer of zinc to protect an inner layer of steel from corrosion helps extends the life of a steel panel substantially because it slows the corrosion process.

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Galvalume is different than galvanized steel because it uses a combination of aluminum and zinc rather than just zinc. The aluminum component helps provide superior protection against corrosion than galvanized in certain environments.

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The following testimonials are from some of our many satisfied clients.
  • I definitely highly recommend Altex Roofing Services and Lex and his guys over there they do a great job! I'll recommend them to anybody and it's not gonna be very long before I have to put a new roof on and you can bet I'll be calling Altex.

    Mike Francois
  • Altex Roofing was out on time, the work was clean, no mess, and this is the first time in five years I've had no leak in the roof! They succeeded where others have failed - AND - the owner has been out to the home after completion to check on me. Their pricing was also competitive, I would highly recommend Altex.

    Jason Chide
  • I definitely highly recommend Altex Roofing Services and Lex and his guys over there they do a great job! I'll recommend them to anybody and it's not gonna be very long before I have to put a new roof on and you can bet I'll be calling Altex.

    Mike Francois

Andy Chiodo is Very Happy with His Altex Roofing Experience

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